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Originally Posted by Scottryder View Post
Give me a few days to track one down, there might be a slim chance one will turn up.

You're planning to re-paint, correct? I bet JR at can easily do the decals for you.

Yes, repaint as well as repairing dents. The frame is pretty rough in a few areas. I have a graphic artist recreating all the artwork now, then the process will be which printing type as some are stick on decals and others as water slide type. The decals on the downtube of the frame were not stickers, but water slide type.

I might have to sell some of my collection just to fund the cost of recreation, die-cutting and printing. ;-) I'm clearly not doing this for ROI in dollar value, it's simply the challenge. Took me a year to find ONE set of Sugino Mighty Tour cranks in 175mm, yet to see another set anywhere.
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