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Originally Posted by brakemeister View Post
Darn u guys are fast ....

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our folder friends near and far
even if they own a Brommy ... or or or or or or

Yes, we all do ride folding/separating bikes here on this particular forum. I guess that what makes us a family of sorts. I wish we could all dine and really talk in real time together for Thanksgiving. I think this year we have so much to be thankful for-like staying safe for 10 years since the 9/11/01 attacks. Although what a huge table that would be to dine upon!

Originally Posted by bendembroski View Post
Indeed. Happy Thanksgiving from a US expat living overseas. The one US holiday I really miss.
Why miss out on the celebration? My sister was overseas for some Thanksgivings when she was younger. She told me that many stores and shops stock the traditional food for a Thanksgiving dinner. And yes, she did her Thanksgiving too-by stopping in at a McDonalds one year, or some other crazy thing like that.

Originally Posted by bendembroski View Post
Shame it's tainted by the whole association with genocide and all. Just remember to pause a moment and give a thought to all that's been lost in pursuit for all that we have to be thankful for.

Double edged sword.
I don't dwell on individual's wrongdoings-in this case, harming the Native American population. I only give pause and heartfelt thanks for the opportunities that this country has given my family for around 100 years.

And no, I don't watch football on Thanksgiving. I am too busy running the kitchen to get everything ready.

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