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Originally Posted by pammieellen View Post
Yes, I caved in and ordered a Brompton Folding Bike. Raw Lacquer, lower gearing, 12% reduction, Schwalbe Tires, M6R. Looks like a four-five week wait. Can't wait to get it - thanks for all of you who posted on this topic. I am using it because I frequently make airline trips (19 weeks last year). I have a Honda Element and can easily transport bikes by the car (I have a road, mountain, and hybrid) - but this should be great.
Congratulations and best wishes in your choice of the Brompton. When I purchased my own now discontinued simple little C Type, Companion, or CE3 model Brompton now 6 years ago this December, the B Spoke option was not offered yet. That did not deter me as I started to modify it a bit at it's first tune up and thereafter over the years. I have never flown with it, but I have taken it everywhere I traveled to locally by private vehicle, public transit buses, electric powered light rail & diesel powered passenger trains.

Originally Posted by pammieellen View Post
I picked raw lacquer (steampunk!) but almost went with something a bit girlier.

I am thinking of using a currently owned and broken-in Brooks 17 titanium saddle. It took me a year to break in (over 500 miles). I finally gave in and used Sheldon Brown's controversial soaking break-in methodology in this case, involving lexol (which I owned). Rode it every day for a week. It's wonderful. I'll let you know if it deteriorates my saddle.
Raw Lacquer is the color (or non-color, I am not sure how to best describe it) that I would have chosen for myself-again, if it was even available when I bought mine. But in the end, even if I did not care for the color I was stuck with (red), the little bike made up far more over the years than any other bike I ever owned. The saddle I use is the Nirve or Electra cruiser rear springs style popular in Southern California and with the beach crowd.

Originally Posted by pammieellen View Post
I was wondering what the opinion is for a B66-67 for the Brompton? It's a more upright ride - I was wondering if that would really be much more comfortable. I have average sit bones for a woman 125mm.
I would go for a bit wide (not too much) and be comfortable over all.

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