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Very sad news, and a tough thing to have to witness first hand.

Kids are indeed unpredictable. A few years ago I ended up on top of one when he dashed out off the sidewalk and into a heavily trafficked street. I was already on the brakes and basically fell over the little lad, but if I hadn't 'cut him off', surely a car would have. A couple people saw what happened and came to help us get untangled. Everyone was OK, and we walked him to his nearby home and told his mother what happened. We left a contact addresses, etc... in case there were any problems. All's well that ends well.

The helmet thing... Risk mitigation has a strong cultural component and N. America is observably more concerned with wearing lids than many other places on the globe. Why don't people always wear helmets? Habit, heat, local road rules and cultures, perceived risk, etc.. Anyone catch the photo of a Tour rider cruising for a moment before the stage start with his kid riding his handle bars? Neither had a helmet. A Jackson'esque risk? Somehow I don't think so in this case given the speed and level of ability of the rider, but if had happened in the US, there may have been quite an outcry. Helmets are good, but let's be honest. Most folks who were cycling before the mid/late 80's rarely if ever rode with helmets. 99.9% are still alive and cycling even after crashes and continue to ride and enjoy the sport. Like most these days, they're all wearing lids now that there are so many great offerings on the market and/or law dictates. Why not combine the best of both worlds? Ride with a helmet and make decisions like you aren't.
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