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Originally Posted by slvoid
Holy crap... Nam, you really need to go to prospect to ride, shore road is pretty crappy compared to prospect park. We've been missing you around here.
Yeah I know it's crappy, but it only takes 3 mins from my house, compare to almost 30 mins (including traffic lights) to get to PP. That's why I go to Shore road most of the time, to get quick work out.

But oh boy, after what I was seeing, I stopped continue my normal routine, I went home after that. I can't believe somebody die on the road that consider the safest of all (absolute no cars). And by looking at his expensive bike, he should have worn the helmet. I'm sure he had one like most of us but just didn't bother to wear. And don't worry about the kid, he/she wasn't there, I'm sure that kid just continue to ride without any idea what had happened behind his back. But gosh, the image of a guy under white sheet with blood all around his head scare the sh*t out of me.

I hope to ride with you guys in PP this weekend.
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