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The thing I don't understand in the helmet debate is why you wouldn't wear one at all? I understand from the perspective of pro's racing in the '80's and all--helmets sucked back then--they were hot and heavy at best. Today's helmets though, weight about as much as a powerbar, and have more holes in them than a pair of fishnet stockings. I also understand that if you get broadsided by a car going 30mph that a helmet isn't going to do too much for you, but what about when you fall over trying to clip into or out of your pedals going 2mph and your melon hits the ground--which I'm sure most, if not all of us have done (or any of the other incidents most of us encounter where we hit the ground and ask ourselves why we didn't see that coming)? IMO, it just seems nuts to not wear one--its not going to hurt you to wear one at all, but it possibly could save your life.

As far as "You never hear about the ones who die with the helmet"--many, if not most posted incidents of cyclists being killed on these forums is related to cars hitting cyclists and things of that nature--where even a bike helmet more than likely won't help you too much as there are so many other injuries sustained at the same time. Its a ridiculous claim to say you never hear about the ones that die with a helmet, since these stories are posted regarless of what they were wearing. If someone is hit by a car while wearing a helmet and ends up fatally wounded, you can't say something like "we should all learn to not ride with traffic"--but in cases where someone dies from specifically head injuries while not wearing a helmet, you can almost always say that maybe, just maybe, the outcome would have been different if they were wearing a helmet.
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