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Originally Posted by puddin' legs
Just to clarify, I wasn't advocating riding w/o a helmet. Be honest, how many of you older than 25 or so rode with a helmet when you were a wee one? How many of you who cycled before 1985-90 wore one? Love my helmet and only take it off on long hot climbs, but never wore one except to race before about 1993. Anyone race with a leather hairnet way back when?
I started riding a bike when I was around 5 or 6 I think, as we had recently moved into the house I did most of my growing up in--that was 1983 or so. I remember the big ugly Bell helmet that my dad made me wear all the time. I hated that heavy thing, but I wore it every time I was on my bike, and thankfully too as I know I hit my head several times (that may explain some things!! LOL ) when I fell and tried to jump things.... My next helmet was actually a cool one (at least back then) and cost my dad $100--the Greg Lemond Giro helmet with the black/white/yellow. Damn that thing was cool--looking and temp. wise compared to the old Bell that barely had a vent in its 3" thick styrofoam shell. Compared to today's helmets, all those things were certainly horrible....but I always wore one....
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