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Umm because some of us are lucky? I can see it as being a safety issue if you do stunt racing or ride a road bike really fast but I find myself surprised that people have such a vehement distaste for people who don't wear helmets. I'm pretty sure smoking, over eating and unprotected sex has a much much higher fatality rate.

I personally have ridden all my life - 14k miles in 2 1/2 years and never had an accident without wearing a helmet. Do i wear a helmet now? Yes because I now ride a road bike and now go 20-25 miles per hour. I used to do 40 mph down a hill on a mOngoose without any fear of wearing a helmet. Has a helmet yet protected me from an accident? I've fallen approximately 6 times and been in 1 car accident. in the car accident i was not wearing a helmet. landing on the hood and sliding up to her windshield and then rolling off, I had no concussion, broken clavicle and damanged shoulder blade. Have fallen off the bike turning too fast in rain slick and had the bike slide from under me. No helmet helped my butt land smoother. Took a pole at 25mph and stopped on a dime on it. Blunt of the blow went to my shoulder. Didn't ding or scratch up the helmet. If i would have hit the pole with my head, i would have been dead, helmet or no helmet. Falling off a bike sideways - The 2 times I've fallen off a bike because it crashed I have thrown my weight to towards the grass so I land disconnected from the bike and on the grass. Not head long into traffic or onto cement.

In my honest opinion - while wearing a helmet is a decent safety precaution - its much like smoking, drinking or unprotected sex. Understand "your" limitations, advocate what you believe but try not being too racist/vehement against people who choose not to.
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