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Originally Posted by spessx View Post
Hmm - you don't think that's over doing it? I could easily make it a 45 minute SST. 10 min warmup, 45 minutes around ftp, then 5 min cool down.

Keep in mind that you don't have to be 100% recovered for every workout. The workouts where you start with a little fatigue can still be really strong workouts. On Monday you're talking about 7 total work-minutes. Now they're @ 150%, so they're not wussy, but it's also not ridiculous. In fact, on these, I'd say don't limit yourself to 150%. Go all out, rest for 5 minutes in between. When they drop to 120%, you're done. If that's 5, then it's 5. If you can get 10 in before the end of your hour, then kudos.

Your Saturday ride is very important. It's the only thing that will allow you to build any endurance. If you've got 3 hours of ride time, then you need to be pedaling for 2:50+ of it. None of this "Met the group and screwed around for 15 minutes, then rode at 100 watts while we BS'd, then went hard for a 1/2 hour, then stopped at the coffee shop." It's got to be 3 hours of a mix of riding. Everything from endurance pace to full gas stuff. Mix it up, but keep rolling as much of those 3 hours as you can.
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