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Have used SMPs on all my bikes for over 3 years. Well over 20,000 miles w/2 flats and one slow leak. On my main loaded commuter I replaced the rear tire @ around 10,000 miles. They're 28mm. The front still has plenty of tread. Have not kept track of the mileage on my fg commuter, but use 25mm. The blue is showing in spots on the rear, so I'm ordering 2 sets from in 2 weeks. One set of each size.

The self-rating on the link is very fair. They're not grippy in wet conditions and they are heavy. But, in commuting/utility/touring consistancy is the name of the game not speed. The object is to 'get there'. My 'get there on time' rate has been flawless since investing the SMPs. Made a call in once from the road when flatting, but the change went so smooth it really wasn't necessary. The other time I didn't even bother as it was a nice day and the flat was almost a pleasure to fix.

The slow leak was discovered at the end of my shift on the front tire. Never did find a hole in that tube, so I suspect a little prank was pulled.

My recreational rb is rarely ridden and has 25mm SMPs. When it is used I don't have any trouble keeping up on group rides, though I've only been on 2 since I bought them.
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