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I've used the Marathon Plus 700 x 25 as a back tire (had good success using cheaper "training" type tires on the front wheel). I don't consider myself a weight-weenie but I felt like I was a little slower the first time I road the tire.

Long-story-short I've ridden the tire hundreds of miles and don't notice that it is slow (I question how "slow" it actually is now anyway). I've had around two flats (one was a metal wire that worked its way through the tire, another was a fish hook that would have practically ruined a cheap tire, or would have required a significant boot). I estimate that within the same miles I probably would have had like 10 times the flats with the training tires I was using on the rear wheel.

As nashcommguy said if the object it to "get there" I can't believe there is a better flat-resistant tire out there. I even think it rides okay, but I'm not very sophisticated when it comes to ride/feel of tires. One has to accept the weight (I think the 700 x 25 is 580 grams). I might even try a (bit) lighter tire like the Armadillo in the future since the Marathon Plus might be overkill for me.
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