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Saving gas on my commute
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Originally Posted by The Chemist View Post
Personally, I don't think cheapies like Kenda tires are that bad. I've been riding on 700x28 Kenda Kwests (OEM for my bike) and I've only gotten 3 flats in the 7000km I've ridden - and Shanghai streets are certainly not friendly to tires, what with cracks, potholes, and large amounts of debris. I have no plans to change to a more expensive tire, given how well these ones have treated me.
I put a set of Kenda Kwests on my 3 speed commuter bike. So far, they have performed admirably, especially for tires that cost less than $15 each. I have the bigger 700x35 tires, and they roll surprisingly fast. I've already hit a fair amount of glass, and they've held up well. In my case, the true test will come this summer when we start getting sand burr thorns.
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