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I am almost done installing the mount. I had to modify the mount because the screws that were supplied are crap. On the upper portion of the mount, the piece that mounts to the box itself, I will be replacing those with stainless steel. I also drilled all the way through the mount and will be placing a nut on the inside of the box. The screws that were supplied were cheap and the Phillips head strips out easily due to the fact that the holes for the screws aren't pre-threaded and it gets harder and harder to screw them in as you get farther and farther into the mount. I don't know how much effort it would have taken to rip off the box from the mount but it will be nearly impossible with bolt and nut setup in place. I also drilled the holes to allow me to switch the mount around 180 degrees if I choose. I like the idea of being able to strap (bungy net) something on top, something to big to fit into the box and have it ride level on the box lid. Also, when I add a saddle bag it might (I haven't tested it yet) not allow the lid to fully open without holding it open. This would suck. I used the saddle bag for my battery to power my GPS. If I used the box, I would have to drill another hole in the box to allow the USB cord to enter somewhere leaving it less waterproof. I'm not too concerned with it accidentally opening while underway. The latch is designed well. As far as the reflecters are concerned, I already have a Superflash on the back with reflecters on the frame and fender. I kinda like the idea of one facing forward to flash red. Anyway, I will install the box with the light to the rear and if I don't like it I can turn it 180 degrees and it will still work. I still don't have the stainless steel bolts. That will have to wait until I get to Lowe's.
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