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Originally Posted by NCbiker View Post
IMO, something is not right. In the first pictures, when it had the reflectors to the front, the box is level. You should be able to rotate just the box, or the mount so that you get the box level and the reflector/opening facing the rear. Or maybe you need to shim it so that it's level. The way it is now would drive me and my OCD crazy.

I can rotate the box 180 degrees if I want the box to be level. All I would have to do is remove 4 nuts on the inside of the box allowing me to rotate the top mount 180 degrees on the bottom of the box and then replace the nuts again. I don't need to remove the screws, just the nuts.

If I do this the box latch and light are facing forward. I guess I could turn the base mount 180 degrees but then the mount lock would be facing forward and the way the box clicks into the mount would be backwards. I guess I could do that and the box would be more level, I think.
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