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Originally Posted by buzzbee View Post
Cramp: to me this is a muscle contracting and staying that way with the associated pain, like a "charlie horse"
Pain: the muscle hurts but is not contracted like with a cramp.

In my case, it happens walking/running down hill.
It is not a muscle contraction, just pain that comes on like a cramp, then hurts a lot in a certain area. Later on, more quad muscle areas start to do the same thing, so it kind of moves around. Even later, it all feels sore, the pain is not as acute. If I stop and stand stright up, then there is reduced pain, but if I stand on one leg, and bend my other knee, it hurts as I bend it. So, the muscle tissue seems stressed by the movement of the quad muscles as I bend the knee. If I keep the knee bent, then the quad pain subsides. An hour after the hike, and I only feel a slight soreness.
Hey Buzzbee,

Firstly thanks so much for starting this thread - it's the only place in the world I've found to describe my symptoms and even if it's not the same thing this forum has inspired me to try and fix my problem.

I know I've called it a cramp, but I've re-read your posts and I think mine is very similar to what you've described. I cycle 32kms twice a week and then 3-5 days later if I walk downhill, without having cycled in the interim, I get an excrutiating pain in my quads - it can come on in various areas and different legs and it can get to the point where I can't walk or bend or straighten my leg without it hurting like hell. Then it subsides and leaves me with just enough soreness to remind me not to ever walk downhill again

Anyhow, having had some enforced time off and now getting back to it slowly I can report that me second ride, last Tuesday, has not resulted in any pain.

I'm reducing the things I'm doing to try and diagnose if it's the jumping squats that are helping so I've dropped the stretching. I've kept with the sports drink and magnesium as I might as well use them up and standing out of the saddle going up the steepest parts of the hills just to get the momentum going (as I've got the cleats so I'm not worried about my foot slipping off the pedal any more)

Am going to ride again tomorrow and see how I go.
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