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Originally Posted by Zephyr11 View Post
Welcome aboard! have a BMX background, you're near Camp Woodward, and you're buying a hybrid?! Just kidding! Have you considered a cyclocross bike at all? That would probably handle the riding you're describing too. Or a mountain bike if the emphasis is on trails.
Thank you for the warm welcome. Perhaps I've overstated my BMX experience. When I did ride a bike, it was a BMX, but it always took a backseat to my skateboard. If I was at Camp Woodward, I'd be skating... and at my age. looking pretty foolish!

I've considered cyclocross bikes, but I'm still very much at the stage where I dislike drop bars. Perhaps that'll change in time, but right now I'm looking for something with a similar riding position to my current mountain bike (an undersized Mongoose from WalMart). I've considered a hardtail mountain bike, which I fear might be overkill for the trails I am riding, and I'd rather not sacrifice road performance/efficiency.

To the Hybrid forum, I go... Thanks for the suggestions, Zephyr!
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