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This is sort of 'What's it Worth' question - there is a separate sub-forum for that, for future reference. No worries, though (but the mods might move your thread).

If it's really tip-top and a good group (Suntour Cyclone, say, or 105), then $300 could be a fair deal assuming the shop put in a fair bit of work. But for that price it'd better have decent rubber, etc.

That figure would seem fairly high, though, if the component group is anything lesser (Exage, Light Action or...), if there are any issues with condition (bad paint, rust, whatever), or if it still needs anything. This is by comparison, of course, with what one might reel in off craigslist in Toronto or Ottawa...though the purchase from a shop obviously offers security and the assurance that you won't have to spend $100 to make ship-shape a bike you got a 'deal' on for $200. Still, if it's lesser than Cyclone/105, I'd tend to say that you'd have to go well under $300 to be considered reasonable, even with a decent bit of work done and great overall condition. And that's accounting for the fact that decent bikes are stupid expensive in Toronto (or Ottawa), especially relative to much of the US. You can generally find a pretty nice bike for $300 or less from listings sites if you put the work into it, but this time of year, wanting to get out and ride, wanting some confidence in the condition, the Fiori from the shop might be a good bet if the price resonates in the above range...
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