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Originally Posted by rootboy View Post
Hmmmm. Did Silvercreek finally dish off that saddle he was monkeying with forever?
That's the one. It's destined for a '79 Raleigh Pro Mk.V.

Originally Posted by pastorbobnlnh View Post
Great picture Kurt! It is a beauty.

I see at least one chrome P-13 still lives in the bedroom! Looks to be the newer one. Did the '70 sell?
The '70 now belongs to a gentleman by the name of Emil who commutes between Miami and Massachusetts - I'll probably wind up packing it for him later this year. The '72 is staying, though Emil mentioned that Elton over at Harris Cyclery may be interested in it.

Originally Posted by rootboy View Post
That's a beauty. Maybe we should do a "Show us your Brooks Pro" thread.
Excellent idea - in fact, let's start it right here. I'll start us off with some of mine (including some no longer with me):


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