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Congrats on doing it. I think you are right about the temps being the reason for it being easier (or else your ride has more downhills on the way in). My morning rides are always more pleasant due to the cooler weather (well, I guess not in the late fall/ early spring).

No shame in taking a break. 14 miles is a healthy ride.

I agree on the slicks. When I was riding a mountain bike, I rode on Specialized Fatboys & they were alwys great for me. i think they only run about $20 or so each.

Weight can really make a difference on the bike. as you get more into it & figure out what you like/don't, I'd adjust what you carry with you. Eventually, if you get the load down small enough, i'd get rid of the milk crate & just strap my stuff to the rear rack. Milk crates are good at carrying stuff, but they add some weight to the bike.

Congrats on making it through your first two commutes.
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