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The polypro undershirt I wear in cold weather wicks away the stinky bacterial ridden sweat of my underarms, then all the moisture evaporates and leaves concentrated stink like nothing I have ever encountered before. But one wash and the smell is gone until after the next wearing.

My warm weather cycling clothes do not seem to suffer from this - or at least I have not noticed it, and I don't have any people who are close enough friends that would tell me.

If you wash using real detergent (like Tide or All or ABC or whatever) with warm or hot water and hang to dry immediately afterwards then you should have no problems with stinky clothes. Obviously if you leave you clothes in the washer for more than a couple hours after washing you will likely get mouldy smelling clothes.

I saw a commercial the other day about some product that cleans washing machines and the claim was that a dirty washing machine can make your clothes smell funny - I don't know if this is true, though... perhaps your cycling clothes are more prone to picking up this scent?
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