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Originally Posted by zacster View Post
I'll have to sort through all of these suggestions and give a few a try.

My washing machine is an HE front loader, and it gets overused and gets too much detergent. A while after we bought the machine we asked our housekeeper how much detergent she was using and she showed us about 3/4 cup, waaaayyyyyy too much. We still go through a lot of detergent it seems. We've run bleach cycles a few times, but I guess we need to do it more often. We also read somewhere that putting a few towels in with the bleach helps as they wipe it down as it goes. It doesn't get the outer drum though. Also, the door gasket is moldy. I'll use some spray on bleach on it.

I always take everything out immediately, and this last time my wife put them out in the sun to dry. I'll try soaking in Oxyclean this time, last time I just washed with it.

Has anybody used StarSan on clothes? Does anybody that isn't a homebrewer know what it is? It is an acid based no-rinse sanitizer that is used on everything and anything that may touch your beer after the boil. I've been using it a few years for brewing and have never had an infection. One would think it would kill everything in clothes too, but it may also cause them to disintegrate over time. I've gotten plenty of it on my clothes while working with the diluted product of 1oz to 5 gallons and nothing ever shows. Maybe I'll try it on an old jersey to see if the poly can withstand it.
Something I've heard with HE machines regarding smells, is that many of them do not vent properly with the door closed (when not in use, of course) and that it's a good idea to leave the door open so the inside of the washing machine dries properly, avoiding mold/mildew/microbe growth problems. I've heard, but cannot confirm. take it with a grain of salt.
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