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Feel free to stop by before the races to ask questions or get some tips. I'm helping to run the races and will be there from about 5pm on motorpacing. A number of other experienced riders will be there, too, who are always more than happy to give out some friendly advice. The races were actually set up for some of the UCSD kids going to collegiate nats to get some match sprint practice before heading to Frisco. It'll be a fun field.

Most of the races on Fridays haven't been too tactical and have panned out pretty much like carleton said. There are a couple guys that have done elite level sprinting, but they're really tricky and will move you around the track without letting you realize it.

It's not a USAC race, so we're not going to be too picky about a lot of the really technical rules. Basically, be safe and don't do anything overly sketchy and you'll be fine.
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