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Originally Posted by Pickleballer View Post
It is not a cassette, it's a freewheel. The reason for replacing the wheel was to convert the cassette to a freewheel. The cassette that was on the bike had a threaded small cog instead of a lock nut. I couldn't find that type of cassette to replace it. It's a 7 speed. I have been working with the chain, putting oil on it and it seems fine.
The knocking happens everytime I pedal for a while.... then it quites fo a while.... then it starts again. I've ridden the bike over 200 miles since I made the changes and it continues doing it everytime I ride. I only have one chain ring on the front. I'm thinking about reversing the chain ring and see if that is the problem.
The bottom bracket seems tight and smooth. Doesn't seem to be a problem there.
OK, so it's a Frankenbike. What was removed and reinstalled? If it's only got one chainring, are the chainring bolts all the correct length, with greased threads and tightened properly?

Did you remove the pedals at any point? The noise you describe might be a wiggely pedal- take both of them off, clean the threads, apply fresh grease, and reinstall tightly.
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