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Originally Posted by toomanybikes
Remember that the US gallon is 5/6 the size of an Imperial Gallon , why I don't know.
because here in the US, they can't handle drinking a real pint...

as for gas prices: my daily driver gets about 18 mpg on premium unleaded. so i've definitely noticed the jump in prices. but it doesn't "bother" me, really. i'm paying around $2.56 US/gallon for premium. last time i was over in England, i was paying around 75 pence/liter - now it's up to 90 pence/liter. that's about $3.80 US/gallon for regular. yep, still got it better over here.

do i wish my car got better mileage? sure. but not enough to get rid of it. do i wish gas was cheaper? sure. but i don't expect it's my due for just being a US motorist...
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