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Originally Posted by cycronin View Post
Only I was the one in the car. I've been on a break from commuting for a bit for medical reasons and was on my way to work... I'd headed out early to grab breakfast at a diner. I found myself stopped at a light, waiting to make a left. The light turns green, and I'm looking left, being that I'm turning left. I move forward to begin my left turn.

All of the sudden I hear a noise and see a guy flailing, falling off his bike. He'd been coming from the right, off the side walk, running a red light, without a helmet. I never saw him until he slammed into me and went flailing. It was just a sickening feeling. I still feel it thinking back on it. I backed up and got out of my car to see if he was okay. I got his bike off the road and helped him to the sidewalk, where he fell, apparently unable to walk. I called 911 and reported it.

Meanwhile a woman walks over from across the street. She explained she was in the lane to the right of me and she nearly hit the same guy. She didn't, but I did. She said she would stick around as a witness to say it was the guy's fault. The police came quickly and rather quickly determined the accident was the fault of the guy on the bike. And then the guy suddenly regained the ability to walk... he refused treatment from the fire personnel that showed up. He had to get to work, you see, or he'd be fired.

I'm glad the guy is okay... he's lucky. And I wish I'd been aware of potential surprises coming from my right so it didn't happen. But being that I'm a bike commuter who often has to share the road with heavier, faster vehicles, and I got to be the one who would inevitably hit the guy, no one is more irritated by this guy's recklessness than me. Somehow fools like this are going to make things worse for the rest of us.

I doubt anyone on this forum is this stupid on their bikes, but none the less after this experience I feel the need to say, please, for the sake of us all, be careful out there.
From your description, would it be safe to presume that besides:

A) riding on the sidewalk
B) running the red light

That he was also riding against traffic? If so all three actions reinforce why one shouldn't

A) ride on the sidewalk
B) run red lights/stop signs
C) ride against traffic

His sudden recovery is a little convenient.
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