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Originally Posted by ratdog View Post
I'm not condoning the actions of the biker on the sidewalk and am not defending his actions, but the driver of the vehicle was making a left which means traffic was coming from the right and the bicyclist came from the right also. I still think that expecting the bicyclist on the sidewalk to follow vehicular traffic direction is a stretch though. For instance, what do you do with runners on the sidewalk since they are often moving faster than a bicyclist?
Assuming they drive on the same side of the street in NYC as the rest of the country, you are mistaken. This was a six lane road so I had to clear three lanes of traffic coming from the left before I had to legitimately be aware of traffic from the right. But just to reiterate for those who are blocking it out because they never want to side with motorists in the event of an accident, I had a green light. Which means traffic coming from either direction had a red. A pedestrian or runner would have a no walk signal. A runner who runs through an intersection like that is also probably getting hit. The guy on the bike had both a no walk signal and a red light. And he still barreled through it, so yeah he was at fault. I hope that clears things up enough.

"I-Like-to-Bike", I haven't been on this forum long and this is already the third or fourth time a perfectly innocuous comment by myself inspired a flame rant from you. I realize the guy on the bike who hit me was one of your people, bikers who march to their own drummer or whatever, but seriously, you are stretching if you insist on having something to get riled up about here. I can't imagine what kind of existence would lead to you to get your hackles raised over absolutely nothing, but might I recommend an outlet of some kind... meditation, a stroll in the park, a hooker, bong hits, riding on the sidewalk through red lights without a helmet... whatever floats your boat. Or keep spewing insipid mental bile arbitrarily on message boards. If it's directed at me it doesn't take much effort to call you out for what you are.
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