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Originally Posted by RobbieTunes View Post
What would most people rather ride? In this forum, the "As is," and most other people, the "Restored," in my experience. I believe wrk101 would support that the vast majority of the market is shopping based on price, not some deep-seated primal appreciation of the craftsmanship, engineering, and street cred of a 70's or 80's bike.

So, even if the market value is enhanced, the costs involved can easily wipe that out. If you plan to give it away, you can decide if the recipient is a rider, a hanger, etc. Just be sure you're not giving someone a "cool thing" to you that is an "old bike" to them.

Disclaimer: $60 powder coat and $50 decal costs are determined to be the absolute minimum required. Paint costs and decal costs can easily exceed $500, and if you send it off to a pro, this can go to $1100-$1200. Your results may vary. This ad is paid for by the RobbieTunes for King of the World Election Committee and other mentally deficient supporters.
+1 For resale, the market is not interested in bikes that need work. They want clean bikes that are ready to ride. People that will buy "projects" are like me, they expect and get a hefty discount.

+1 The average buyer is interested in two things: price and appearance. They do not know the difference between Shimano 105, Shimano 600, Tange 1 tubing or Tange 5, etc.

+1 Collectors and enthusiasts (like the folks on here) are more interested in originality. I see a repaint, and I lose interest immediately.

+1 To Robbie Tunes disclaimer: good luck finding a PC for $60, and all the decals you need for $50. PC in some areas will cost you $150 to $200 alone.

I sold a Paramount once, and all the buyer cared about was that the bike was pretty. She could care less that it was a pretty special bike.
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