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Originally Posted by anti_uzd View Post

So... I have a PSV-10 and have been contemplating spraying/painting it due to scratches and stuff. I have a couple questions before I even go through with it. Will it devalue my bike? If i was to spray/paint it... What do i do about the Original brand letterings on the frame? just tape over it or... i'm not sure. Do i sand it down? I'm very nervous about doing all this! haha which is why im here asking you guys! Any thoughts or suggestions on how to go about all this would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
The very fact that you are contemplating a spray can paint job speaks volumes about your feelings about the bike and plans for its future. My personal opinion is that a nice paint job makes a bike more enjoyable to ride. It pleases me; as opposed to what some collector might think or the possible kudos I'll receive online.

Enjoy owning your bike.

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