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Congratulations, good job! You are ahead of me, I am a few months in and still getting the basics down. I am competent on changing tubes, adjusting brakes and brake & shifter cables, and greasing the shaft drive (I have a chainless bike).

Right now, I am learning what combinations of clothing layers to use for different autumn temperatures, wind speeds, and precipitation. I also have a pair of studded tires that I will learn to install and ride once there is ice in the forecast.

My best commuting accomplishments so far are things that make my commute systematic and dependable. I work best with systems and organization, that is just my way. Figuring out the right bags for my rear rack (waterproof Ortlieb panniers), getting in a regular pattern of packing work clothes and checking air pressure the night before, having a system for recharging the AA and AAA batteries for my lights and guaranteeing they never go dead on me, etc. Keeping organized without hauling my day planner organizer has been a challenge, of all things.

We sold our second car on Oct 1, so I am now "car light".

My next mechanical goal is to understand wheel work - spoke tension and such. I had my rear wheel rebuilt a couple of months ago because I was popping spokes, and although it is going great, I want to know more and be able to monitor it and maintain it.

It feels good to do my own maintenance work. Someday I hope to be as proficient as the old-timers around this Forum that have been so helpful to me.
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