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Let me add my congrats to the OP!

Being able to do these things gives one a feeling of accomplishment. For that matter, these are musts for anyone who wishes to be a competent, self-sufficient bicyclist. And it's a good, good feeling to regard yourself as such.

A suggestion; practice your derrailleur adjustment. So that you don't undershoot or overshoot. That's one more skill that's needed.

I'm the type who can do these things. I can change out a one-piece crank without even thinking about it. I don't do 3 piece cranks, though. I'll leave that for the LBS.

I've never built a wheel from scratch. I can straighten one out a bit, though. I've never gotten one mathematically perfect. But it's not hard to get one straight enough that it at least doesn't rub your brake pads.
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