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i gotta agree, rain in the 30's is just about the worst, especially when the ground is cold enough that it freezes on impact. i'd much rather it be colder and just have that precipitation come down as snow.

snow is fun. freezing rain isn't.

Originally Posted by ItsJustMe View Post
My biggest gripe about living in southern Michigan is that it doesn't get cold enough. It snows but then it melts and turns into slush and crud and freezes solid and is slippery.
i feel your pain, chicago is in that same "slush belt". it gets cold enough to be cold, but it doesn't stay cold enough to be cold. it's one of the reasons i swear by studded tires. we have way too much freeze/thaw here. everything melts on a sunny winter day, and then refreezes into ice as soon as the sun goes down, right about the time i'm riding home from work.

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