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Originally Posted by A224H View Post
are you looking for wraparounds, like the m frame or two lenses?
Just browsing the site would problably be your best start.
If you want my 2 cents on oakleys, I didn't like my m-frames, because they fog up if i wear something to cover my face when it's cold. I have an older pair of half jackets that i love, but they don't look like they'd take to straps like my m frames would(my m's have a hole near the end of the arm where you can actually clip the straps to.)
OK so I'm curious. I have three pairs of Pro M frames myself and none of them have holes in the arms to clip anything on to. In fact, as far as I know - the only strap made by Oakley is a rubber that push fits over the ends of the arms. I've also used mine for spring skiing with no fogging issues whatsoever.

So what model do you have and are you sure you have Oakley's and not just a very convincing imitation? There are lots of those around.

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