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Originally Posted by A224H View Post
i have the military oakley frames...
I've seen the standard m frames with holes as well, maybe those are military as well. I guess i'm just ignorant when it comes to the oakley strapping method and thought that was how it was done. Sorry!

different frames aside, my problem with the lenses i have (the strike i believe, which is a direct fit to the regular m frames) is they actually seal up really well with my cheekbone, so there isn't too much ventilation in there for condensation to disperse. In addition, i typically wear a face mask or scarf when im out because its freaking cold here, so my breathing gets vented to right under the glasses. with the half jackets, especially the regular lenses and not the xls, the venting is great and the mask doesn't affect the ventilation at all. the new radarlock sunglasses they came out with look like they might help because of the venting near the top.
LOL - No fair! You've got access to some pretty cool stuff that I haven't even seen in the distributers catalogs here! Never seen that kind of strap on any of the regular Pro M frames (nonfolding) or the folding M frames here myself.

I did see several different lens designs including several vented models likely to help deal with exactly the situation you're describing. The selection of lenses I picked myself don't actually contact the cheek bones and as face coverage I use a neoprene balaclava or face mask which may deal with moisture differently than a scarf would. Are those available where you are? Some specialty ski shops should carry them. During the winter I use the Oakley / balaclava combo with a downhill ski helmet. Tried goggles but that just gets too warm.

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