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Originally Posted by TMonk View Post
thx! im officially no longer in my early twenties.
What's the cutoff 23? 24? 25?

Originally Posted by ericm979 View Post
You can use no detergent 30wt but it's going to smoke a lot and will carbon up the engine and exhaust quicker than good two stroke oil. And these days it's not any more common than two stroke oil.

I use synthetic two stroke oil in my saws and other two stroke implements (and in my off road motorcycles back when I still rode them). I like Redline Allsport because it's a low deposit oil and because it makes the exhaust smell good.
Mmmm huffing fumes. All the cool kids are doing it.

First they sniff glue, then paint, and then it leads to exhaust sniffing. Slippery slope and all.
I knew glue was the gateway sniff.

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