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New Offroad Tourer Recommendations

I am not sure if I should be starting a new thread, this is my first post but I wanted to get some advice. I've done a decent amount of road cycling and am going to be testing myself this summer with a supported tour. I will be in Africa for around two months. As far as bikes go I'm looking most heavily at the Salsa Fargo, potentially the Surly Disc Trucker as well. I would like a steel frame disc brakes as well. I was wondering if I could get advice on some other potential alternatives I am looking to spend under 3k ideally; I was entertaining the idea of getting a custom built Fargo with a combination of 105/xt components or looking at other 29er frames as well. I am leaning towards getting a 29er frame as roughly 1/2 of my riding will be paved and there are some parts where it will feel much more like singletrack as opposed to road touring. Another reason I"m looking at a 29er frame build is that I'm looking to be able to use this for singletrack post touring. Thoughts would be appreciated on drop down 29er i.e. Salsa Fargo, Touring specific ie. Surly LHT or potentially cyclocross ie. Ritchey Swisscross build. Thanks in Advance.
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