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Originally Posted by bokes View Post
For those of you with folders that roll, when do you roll it? I usually only carry my Bike Friday (PR) 10 steps on and off the train, which isn't a problem. My company doesn't mind if I walk the bike in the building.
I'm moving to SF where the roads are shamefully bad and want something smoother (406 tires if I stick with a BF). I'm trying to think of my needs today and possible needs in the future. I can think of only one job in the past that didn't allow me to walk a bike in the building (but might have been ok about wheeling a folded bike). SF is pretty bike friendly.
Basically deciding between a BF silk or a Pacific Reach IF (not interested in 16" wheel). I only want 1 folder and prefer a BF for easier packing in suitcase compared to the IF.
Any thoughts on how important it is to wheel the bike? thanks in advance
If you have to move the bike while folded -- in DC Metro, a bike needs to be folded during peak hours -- then I'd say it's importance depends on how heavy the bike is for the person. My wife, for instance, would only use a bike that rolls well while folded.
A narrative on bicycle driving.
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