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ok as for RMP speed the 328 rpm motor will have a higher top speed. But the 201 rpm motor will have more power. So if you have flat roads go with the 328 rpm motor. But if you have hills then go with the 201 rpm motor. Most companys tell you to use the 201 rpm on 26" 700c and 28" bikes. And the 328 rpm on 24" or less bike.

Now for the 36v or 48v part of the qustion. The 36v will do just fine on flat ground but if you have hills I'd go with the 48v. The 48v will give you a little better speed. Now as far as watts go, the more watts the more power. So if you have a 36v 500 watt motor that say gets to top speed in 30 seconds then a 48v 500 watt motor will get you to top speed faster. See Volts = speed and watts = power.

Hope this helps
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