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Can you post a link to the motors and controllers that you're looking at?

My 450w geared hubmotor is a bit on the "noisy" side (especially under "heavier" loads). Not exactly loud, but probably noisy enough that the average pedestrian or non-ebiker would suspect that it's an electric bicycle (just by the sound alone). This noise is said to be fairly typical for geared hubs (direct drive hubmotors, on the other hand, tend to make more of a lower volume "hum" type of noise).

Btw, I get a range of about 20-25 or so miles from my 36v 10 ah geared hubmotor system on relatively level ground at an average speed of maybe 10 - 12mph (top unassisted speed is ~ 17mph).

Note: you should, of course, make sure that your controller is 36v compatible if you decide to run the 48v motor with a 36v battery.
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