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Originally Posted by v1nce
@ James. Hmm really... would you say the Swift rides better than a Brompton? Do you reckon or know from experience? Also do you think a swift will ride better than a tricked out/modded Raleigh Twenty. I just finished one (see other thread & my page) and i am curious how my 20 would compare to a Swift. If it wasn't for the price i might have bought a Swift rather than modded a 20 (everything, including the purchase price and a almost new lock set me back E 370). Now that i have finished i am very glad i did the 20 though! Certain charm to building up your bike yourself (well with some help) to your own preferences. Plus i think (don't know for sure!) that some of the components (Chain, Headset) i have incorporated in the 20 are higher grade than the equipment that comes "standard" on a Swift. Even so the Swift seems a great/gorguous bike and a good deal for someone who rather than get into the whole building proces.
I haven't ridden a Brompton nor a Raleigh. All I know is that after passing a Brompton on the road (with my Dahon), the Brompton didn't look very efficient nor comfortable. What I can say with certainty, however, is the Swift is a far superior ride to my own personal Dahon.
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