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Originally Posted by yangmusa
I'm not sure you're comparing like for like here.. But I still appreciate you thoughts as I'm looking at getting a folder soon. My short list is Dahon Speed Pro or Xootr Swift. I test rode the Speed Pro and it fit me well enough.

Faster yes, but same size? I can't find the folded dimensions of the Swift on the Xootr website, and their sales support are evading the question.. But it does say it's 13.5 ft3. The Speed pro is 11"*22"*33" which as far as I can tell is 4.5 ft3... The Swift definitely doesn't look as neat. I guess I might be able to live with that, since it is still packable into a suitcase. And for the difference in price I could buy a BikeRev trailer & suitcase!

High praise indeed!

Another thing that I can't get an answer from Xootr is - does the Swift have braze-ons for fenders? Where I live an everyday bike has to have fenders, and Xootr claim it can be "your only bike". What braze-ons (if any) does you bike have?

cheers, Magnus
My Swift folds-up roughly 12" x 35" x 37". The height and length of the bike when folded can be reduced by up to 5" in both directions simply by removing the seatpost. The width of 12" is with non-folding clipless pedals. The length in terms of the actual footprint on the ground when folded (tire-to-tire) is 31". It's not a very compact and uniform fold like the Dahon, but it still gets me on the train and fits nicely in my cube at work and in the trunk of my car.

As for braze-ons, there are eyelets on the front fork for fenders, but the rear dropouts where the eyelets would usually go are used for the replaceable derailleur hanger. By the way, did I mention that the Swift has a replaceable derailleur hanger? How's that for serviceability? For a rear fender, I'd imagine you'd need to go with one of those seat post clamp-on models.

Again, my only caution should you get a Swift is expect to replace the stem. The 65mm stem is way too cramped for my 5'6" frame, and anyone taller than me will feel like their pushing a shopping cart. Swift does fit the bike with a 100mm stem for taller riders. I've actually fitted my Swift with a whopping 130mm stem, and it feels nice and stretched-out, the way I like it.
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