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Thanks for the info

Originally Posted by james_swift
My Swift folds-up roughly 12" x 35" x 37".
That's still better than the official quote - 8.99 ft3 vs. 13.5 ft3! (But twice as big as Dahon's 4.5 ft3)

Originally Posted by james_swift
The height and length of the bike when folded can be reduced by up to 5" in both directions simply by removing the seatpost.
Then we're down to 6.7 ft3...

Originally Posted by james_swift
It's not a very compact and uniform fold like the Dahon, but it still gets me on the train and fits nicely in my cube at work and in the trunk of my car.
Yeah, I guess there is such as thing as "small enough", even though that isn't the smallest out there. And if the ride quality makes up for it, well then..

Originally Posted by james_swift
For a rear fender, I'd imagine you'd need to go with one of those seat post clamp-on models.
Hmm, not convinced that would be ideal for an everyday bike in a rainy climate..

Originally Posted by james_swift
Again, my only caution should you get a Swift is expect to replace the stem.
I'm 6' 4", so I guess that'll be the case! For my leg extension, with the 100 mm optional stem, according to Xootr the reach would be 538 mm. The Dahon is adjustable 620 - 720 mm! My Moulton feels fairly upright to me, but even that is around 600 mm...

How about some pics of the bike? (Is there enough material around the rear dropouts to drill & tap for fender mounts, do you think?)

cheers, Magnus
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