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@ James. A few more question if you don't mind.

How much did it cost you?

What is up with the removable derallieur bit/eyelet at the back? Is this a non-standard 'made only by Xootr' part or not? I really like that the Swift has horizontal dropouts by the way and is mostly standardized but i was just wondering about this. Anything else that is (potentially) non-standard?

Also, i also really like that due to the Alu frame it is a light bike. However i have little (and not particularly good) experience with Alu frames. Does it seem like good quality and impact resistent Alu with good welds? Do you think you could ride it for a decade or even 2 without it failing? I know those are hard questions to answer but i were to buy a new bike (and i would def. consider a Swift if i were) it is something i would want to know. Durability is primefor me. It comes before weight. But i don't mean my questions as critisism at all, it seems a great bike. But i am also very curious to it's exact nature as i have never seen one. Hope you can inform me!
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