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Sorry, I forgot to adress the rarity/value query. They are probably relatively rare, as they never were a very popular helmet. They were quite heavy and hot compared to the standard helmets of the day. They weighed 10% more than Bell's most popular model, the V-1 Pro and doubled the weight of the Giro. The only reason to go with the Stratos was for the aerodymanic benefits, so the appeal was primarily for time trials and triathlons. Even there, they weren't that popular. They looked really bulky compared to the competition and many felt the visor cut down too much on the cooling. They were only on the market for about two years, which speaks volumes to their popularity and I recall Nashbar heavily discounting them to move the remaining stock.

Given the superiority of modern helmets and the potential environmental degradation, I can't see why anyone would ride around in a vintage helmet. It would be for display only. While it has rarity, it doesn't have popularity, so becomes primarily a curiosity. I see only neglible value.

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