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It takes a while for you to train your body to do this. In the end, if you can't spin a big gear, you can't go fast. How to get better? Find a flat road, put your bike in about a 39 x 17, and maintain a cadence of about 85-95 rpm's. After a couple of weeks of this, keep your bike in the same gear and start working on raw fast as you can turn your cranks in a half mile wind-up to a sign up the road without bouncing in your saddle. If you're pedaling your legs in circles, you'll be able to do this at much higher rpms than if you're only pushing down on your pedals. As your legspeed increases to the point where you get close to the bouncing point, point your toes down a bit and move to the front of the saddle for that little extra.

A couple or three weeks of high rpm low gear base miles, you can gradually increase the size of the gear to work on power while maintaining the high cadence. After that, it's just time and miles on the bike and you're set. Good luck!
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