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Originally Posted by Equinox
I have a Dura Ace drive train with two chain rings and a 10 speed rear cassette.
Good setup (to say the least!). OK, now you need to count the teeth on the front sprocket (chain ring) and the rear. If you visit Sheldon's site you can count the smallest and biggest on the rear and derive your ratios that way.

When folks say stuff like 53:17 they mean that your chain is on the 53 tooth front sprocket and the 17 tooth rear one. The larger the front sprocket the 'harder' the mash. The larger the rear, the easier the mash. Also you need to run ratios to compare close pairs.

A typical front set will be 53 and 39. You may be able to see numbers stamped on the chainrings, but you'll need to start counting on the rear set.
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