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Originally Posted by Looigi View Post
Find a good mount that works well for your phone, bars and the position you want it in, then drill a hole where needed. How does recording video while riding improve/affect safety?
What do you mean? Most mounts are made for cars. Not sure what this drilling is all about. (Bear with me here, sorry.)

I guess it protects me if something is ever to happen and I have to go to court, or deal with a hit and run.

Originally Posted by Burton View Post
Posted this a while back in the Electronics forum and got no interest. Which really doesn't matter to me cause I'll be buying one anyway:

You can download the Outride application free from the Apple store and it'll let you check out some of the video and stills posted by current users.
Hmm. I can see why you didn't get much response to it.

1. $150
2. You have to remove your current case.
3. I could get a Lifeproof case for $80 and a Lifeproof bike mount for $30, saving me $20.

Those being said, I really like that! If I was willing to drop $150 on a mount and case, I would definitely go that route.
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