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Shifting Gears - Question

Bought a Cannondale Quick SL3 about a month ago and really like it. Do have a question about shifting gears that has me perplexed. When in the middle gear range (I have 27 gears) and coming to a hill I shift down many times to the lowest gear level. The Shimano Deore 9 speed Rear Derailleur shifts smoothly up or down but on several occasions when I shift down to the lowest gear (in mid range 2) I get a sudden jerk between the lowest gear in the range setting and then into some other lower gear when I depress shift bar one more time. And this is only using the shifter on the right side.

Hard to explain but when shifting I can tell by the tension of right side shifter arm that I've reached the lowest gear. But when I shift one more time the shift armr (on handle bar) pushes in half way and then chain momentarily slips and I'm in a lower gear. There is also tight tension on this last shift and and as I mentioned the shift arm does not fully click in - only goes half way while I'm pedaling. Starting to wonder if I should even be trying to shift down to this last gear level (since shifter arm and Derailleur don't seem to like it). This last lowest gear though (in mid range) does help me climb hills without shifting down to the lowest range setting - range one.

I'm some what of a newbie so not sure if this is standard slippage when shifting to the lowest gear (in the mid range section). All other shifting levels work find, so maybe I'm being a little to picky in my old age, but feel a good Derailleur should not slip in any gear setting.

Is this something my bike dealer can fix or repair during my warranty period?
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