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"Speed suit" isn't actually a category of cycling garment. It's the term Castelli uses for a skin suit. If you check their website or catalog, you'll find that their standard TT skin suits are all called "speed suits." What you are thinking of when you say speed suit is specifically Castelli's San Remo Speed Suit, which is a pair of bibs sewn into a jersey to create a one-piece garment kind of like a skin suit, but with pockets and a full-zip front. If there are other products out there like this, I'm not aware of them, but it would be interesting to know.

ANYWAY. I actually do have a San Remo Speed Suit. Love it. I also have a normal skin suit from Giordana. I don't have sizing challenges (I'm S across the board) so I can't be specifically helpful, but I would suggest going with the larger of your sizes, but would even more strongly suggest trying one on first. Larger on the bottom is probably the better situation to have, for what that's worth.
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