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Bikes: less than I use to,, more than I need

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first in this case I'm more a narrator & picture collector that anything else.

the task: to transport Five 1 inch diameter and 28 feet long pieces of "Rubar" (steel rods use in construction) with a total mass of 225 pounds for about 2.6 milles...

The tools: I really nice and strong "TriHauler"(sorry my ingles do suck) made by a company in oregon, plus whatever we can find that make sense for the operation..

The Place: berkeley california departing from the B.C.A.T. a.k.a. Berkeley Center for Apropiate Transportansion, base out of a comunity oriented multidiciplinary comunity call the "Thinkers Workshop"

The Actors...
Mike the "Power unit" at least in my eyes the ultimate example of the "Ant Load" , incredibly smart, nice and playful not to mension extremlly skillful.agil and strong as hell, also won the "Track stand" messenger world championships in NY a few weeks ago, also knows how to go fast when need too..and even more provide steady and reliable power for endless amounts of time

Danny...The "Monkey" in this case, another incredibly nice and smart fellow, really into sail boats and Biodiesel and making funky stuff out of nothing

Ricardo...Me in this case just a Posser compare with Mike,, taking pictures, stoping traffic,pushing the rig sometimes and some how engeniering a few strategis..

Now for the Real action, the trip to the metal shop was pretty unevenful we road on 3 diferent bikes at pretty much the same speed, even if the triholer is about a 120pound, mike keep up with us just fine..

first thing the guys at the shop say was "Please bring your TRUCK to this door" oviuslly they were set for a Big surprise, actually most of them were cyclist and really nice

the owner of the shop recognize one of Mike's old invensions, the "Crab bucket saddlebags" from a old rivendale article

I love this Foto,,in the back the super dupper mega Interational truck with a One mille per gallon consumtion and "little" Mike ready for action.

More to come soon,believe me is going to be fun

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