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Haha, I'll take this one piece at a time:

Originally Posted by Zephyr11 View Post
Dayum. That's one fine looking bike. You have a dropper on there? Can't tell from the doesn't look like it to me, but I feel like you would one on there, so yeah.
Dropper will be first on the list of upgrades after my CFO (wife) recovers a bit from my little spending spree of the SB66, 4 Maxxis tires and some Renthal goodies. I spent some 'political capital' to get that far . I'm thinking the GD Descender. I don't need a remote, it's stone-axe-simple spring-operated and I can work a button just fine.

Originally Posted by Zephyr11 View Post
Also, is that 3x10...?
Yeah, shameful I know - - that's what the base Enduro build comes with, X5 triple. I will be losing the big ring, putting on probably my Sunline bash (a little nostalgic homage) and going to a 38/26 or some such for middle and small with something like a Blackspire Stinger guide. Sure wish Renthal made some ramped-and-pinned rings too.

Originally Posted by Zephyr11 View Post
For some reason I thought you also had a Yeti DJ. Am I delusional or did you have one at one point?
I sold it late last year. I suck at jumping a hardtail; and the foray in BMX racing did not go as planned. Instead it landed me in the hospital with cracked ribs, pneumothorax complete with lovely, super-comfy chest tube and almost* a promise to quit racing altogether. * Later conditionally negotiated away

Originally Posted by cryptid01 View Post
It's hard to show in a photo just how awesome that color is

If you put a seat bag and a frame pumpon that thing it will make a much better commuter
It actaully got the seat bag the other night - - only because all my tools were in it already and I was too lazy to empty it into my camelbak. Should I write to complain about the lack of rack mounts?

Originally Posted by cryptid01 View Post
Its a lot easier to take a link out than add one
True that. I went through the usual procedure of big-to-big bypassing the derailleur, cycled the suspension thru and added an inch but, dayum, the chain seems awefully long still. Two spots in the travel - - when the Switch rotates rearward and at full compression - - really gobble a lot of chain. As it was, on the llast climb of the course the other night, I dropped to granny (dumb) in a low cog and dropped the chain. Cost me about 5 minutes of futzing to get going again. Next lap, I left it in middle, shifted all the way down and attacked the last half of the climb standing and crested it just fine. I gotta resist the urge to use that damn granny.

Originally Posted by cryptid01 View Post
I'm digging the cabinetry and the counter depth fridge
Thanks. Cabinets came from the local daily that has laid off 2/3 of their workforce and wanted to clear two floors to lease out. Base and wall cabs plus two full-height wardrobes; plus both the garage and basement workshops get massive amounts of 3'-deep drwwer units to hold power and hand tools and such. Was quite a coup. That floor in the bike area will get concrete stain and gonna lay new formica on the pukey-beige contertops. 'Fridge is dedicated beer-overflow .

Originally Posted by cryptid01 View Post
I got some 5.1 last week from motorcycle-superstore
Realized afterward that's what I shoulda done. Silly me. Funny too how many places, when you tell 'em you're looking for 5.1, say oh yeah we got it, walk to the shelf and try to give you 5.

I will add another riding impression that I forgot to mention from the other night: the thing corners like it's on . . . pick-your-cliche'. Holy crap! The first few turns were all it took to convince this downhiller that he chose the right trail bike. I love the handling - - and feel that nothing about the slackness imparts any negative traits to the bike. It felt right at home almost right away and just begged me to push it from the start.
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